Cast & Crew



Thulasi, the main character in the film, lives in Chennai, south east in India. 16 years old she ran away from home, now she stays with Helenma and her family. Being a dalit Thulasi is born outside caste, and girls like her are supposed to accept their position at the very bottom of the social ladder. But Thulasi does not accept that. She wants to fight her way up. For 10 years she’s been boxing, and she’s sacrificing everything, because boxing can be her way out.


Beathe Hofseth, producer/director

Beathe, (born 1977) is a documentary filmmaker graduated from Volda University College and NISS in Oslo. Since 2002 she has worked with film and television, and has directed several documentaries for both NRK and TV2. She also lectures students on documentary film making.

Susann Østigaard

Susann Østigaard, producer/director/cinematographer

Susann (born 1976) has a degree from Lillehammer and Volda University College, and has been working as a cinematographer and director since 2002. She has made several documentaries for Norwegian television, including the film ‘From different worlds’ which won the award for Best Documentary in Grimstad in 2005.


Siv Lamark, editor

Siv Lamark, (born 1978) is an editor graduated from London University of Arts. She has worked as a documentary film and tv editor in London since 2006, and has edited award-winning documentaries for both BBC and Channel 4. She has also lectured students on documentary film editing in London and Poland.


Helle Faber, co-producer

Helle Faber is the founder of the Danish production company Made In Copenhagen. She has produced a large number of documentary films for the international market, among them the award winning films Putin’s Kiss (2011), Dark Side of Chocolate (2010), Shanghai Space (2009), and Enemies of Happiness (2006), which received the Silver Wolf Award at IDFA 2006, the World Cinema Prize at Sundance 2007 & the Cinema for Peace in Berlin 2008. Faber graduated from The Danish School of Journalism in 1991.